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Ramsey Recycles

Art Direction: Erin Pascal

Photography: Lucas Botts

Graphic Design: Erin Pascal and Laura Krug

Web Design: CJ Sheets and Leon Lodermeier

The Campaign

Ramsey Recycles is a campaign run by Ramsey County, Minnesota to increase awareness around household recycling and free residential collection and drop-off sites located throughout the county.


I have been a designer for the Ramsey Recycles campaign since 2020 and art directing since late 2021. Since 2020, the brand has been audited to streamline the messaging, modernize the look, build an image library, and maintain the brand identity throughout all pieces of creative.

REH Icons-01.jpg

Iconography   230+ unique icons

Public Transit   Bus stop displays, display screens, buses


Social Media

Social Mockup-01.png

Billboard Design

Billboard Mockup.png
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