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The WellSpring Project

Art Direction: Erin Pascal and Adam Wilbur

Copywriting: Erin Pascal

Illustration: Erin Pascal

Graphic Design: Erin Pascal

Web Design: Leon Lodermeier

The Ask

The WellSpring Project is a community driven initiative started to help people living in Washington County, Minnesota be more healthy and resilient at every stage of life. The goal of the campaign is to increase mental health awareness and to encourage county partners to share resources and inspire conversation amongst residents.


A website, paid social media campaign, and additional promotional materials were created to launch the campaign. Paid social posts lead users to the website where they can find resources and community opportunities catered to their age demographic.

Social Media 

Social Mockup-01.png

YouTube Bumper

Web Design

Web Design.png
Web Design 2.png
Web Design 3.png
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